JORTC is seeking new members who can support our activities.The membership is not entitled to any special rewards.Please send an application form to apply for JORTC membership.
JORTC has three types of membership: a full member, a supporting member and a supporting organization. No restriction is given to apply JORTC membership except paying the membership fee.All members will receive an operation reports, including the annual report, the business plan and the statement of account.
JORTC treats a full member as the staff of NPO who possesses a voting right. The voting right does not depend on the amount of share of the annual membership fee.

Full member

A member has a voting right and plays a role in the operation of JORTC
Admission fee:¥10,000 Annual membership fee:¥10,000/one share
Membership Application

Sopporting member

A member who supports our activities as an individual
Admission fee:¥ 3,000 Annual membership fee:¥ 3,000/one share
Membership Application

Supporting Organization

A member who support our activities in a group
Admission fee:¥100,000 Annual membership fee:¥100,000/one share
Membership Application


JORTC’s fiscal year starts from April 1st to March 31st of the following year.JORTC treats you as a member joining in the ongoing fiscal year if you join JORTC in March.JORTC considers that you continue the membership unless you notify us your resignation.
JORTC membership is valid from the day we receive the application and the fees. JORTC considers the day we accept the application and receive the fess as the initial date of valid membership.
Please pay annual membership fee each year by the end of April then your JORTC membership will be updated.
You automatically lose JORTC membership if you delay in paying the fee over a year.JORTC do not pay back the fee which already paid for any reason.
Please read the article of association for more details.

Last updated:2016.06.15